The disorder

A degree of dissociation is normal. See here. It is when it has a constant element to be used to avoid emotional memory and feeling full stop that it changes into a lifestyle. It becomes part of me. a defense mechanism, pathologically and involuntarily applied.

It is an understandable reaction to trauma.

I heard a story once that a person who lives locally could see people’s auras.  When he was 17 he said to his best friend, look at that person’s aura it is stunning in colour. His friend asked what he was talking about. he point of the story is that the boy thought seeing people’s auras was normal and that surely everyone could see what he could see.

It is a little like that for being dissociative. I though every one was the same. I thought that everyone had moments or hours when they are not quite there.

I remember once telling people that I had started putting an alarm on my phone to go off every hour at work because often I would site down at my desk at 9 and suddenly it would be 6.  I thought this was very normal.

The problem with a DD (dissociative disorder is that if not identified and treated it gets worse, often without a sufferer being aware. Still today I have the alarms on my phone and they are annoying as often they seem to be going off every minute.

The more stressed or emotionally overwhelmed the quicker or slower time appears. If I am very stressed I cannot work out what day it is. I have looked at my phone and considered letting Apple know that there phones are all showing the wrong date.