Depersonalisation / derealisation disorder

Dissociative experiences (Depersonalisation)

If you read the NHS’s web page they make the disorder seem quite matter of fact when in fact it is a serious illness that can affect every moment of your day and touch every relationship that you have. See the NHS’s page on disassociative disorders.

By dissociative they mean that you zone out or things become unreal. The reality is if you have been dissociative for a long period ie since childhood then it does not feel disturbing, it does feel a little strange but it feels normal. Doesn’t every one detach from things so that they are apart from things?

Derealisation disorder is not the same as depersonalisation.

What does dissociation feel like?

It normal to not know what day it is, it is normal to so tune out from what I am doing that 6 hours can go by and I wasn’t there. I remember being there and roughly what I did but I was not present. Read more on living with a dissociative disorder.

The major disadvantage of being dissociative is that joy, life spirit, God etc. are in the moment, not in yesterday or a dream like state of somewhere else.

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OK so how about you?

Read this page it is a test page that they get people like me to complete.